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Newsletter 1/2007

Welcome Dear Readers,

This is the first edition of ZHD News, a frank and easy to understand newsletter based on the internet horizon in Zimbabwe. We aim to answer some of the more common misconceptions on the internet and also show you how we can help you achieve the ultimate internet based business.

In this, our pilot issue, we look at ways in which to make your website work for you via search engines.

At one point or another you may have mooted or even built a website for either marketing or simply informative purposes. Where is it now? Did you tell anyone about it? Did you even launch it?
We would all like to answer yes, yes, yes, but if we look closer into it we will realise that the real answer is a resounding NO.
We have simply not done enough to let people now that we exist.

Hey, wait a minute, I have it on all my business stationery, is that not enough? I mean my cards are spread far and wide.
Uhmm, I'd have to say no to that one. Yes you have it printed but what about on the internet? Can people find you straight off the internet?

Say I go to google.com or yahoo.com and type in your company name, do I get your name appearing on the screen?

Yes, your name is common but is it on the first page of the results i.e. Is it in the top 10?
I visited you sometime in the past twelve months but don't really remember where I placed your card or how I can reach you, but I certainly can remember your organisation's name, what do I do?
Do I sigh and look at someone else or do I go onto a search engine and type in the detail I remember?

Ok, I get it, I need to be searchable and found on the internet, but isn't it automatically done when I created my website?
No, it isn't the case. Your site has to be actually submitted to the search engines for inclusion for it to appear online when searched for.

This is too much, how do I get it appearing when searched for?
This is where ZHD comes in, we offer, amongst our varied services, the search engine submission and optimisation service.

Basically what this service entails is the defining of structured key words for your website and the creation of a brief summary of the website. These are then submitted to all major search engines and also during the course of a calendar month they are also submitted to the smaller ones. The results are visible from as short as 48hrs.

Ok, I am ready to take the plunge, what do I do next?
Well, you contact us and we set up an appointment to see what services we can provide in addition to making your current website more visible on the internet.

In the next issue we will be looking at the myths related to .co.zw and .com domain names. Which is better? Why should I have one instead of the other? Where can I check if the domain I want is available?



In our specials section we feature some of the readers thoughts and have a regular competition zone.

In this edition we will be giving away a free mail shot (single mailing list send out of up to 100 addresses) to the person who can give us the best of their first internet experience.

Send us your internet memories - bizarre, incredible, but above all, funny - in not more than 500 words, for the delight of our fellow readers. You can email them to competition@zimhostdept.com or use the competition page.

We are launching a new forum, watch out for it on http://www.zimhostdept.com/forums



Zim Host Department offers the following solutions and services:

Web Based Solutions
- Money Transfer Agent Solution
- Website Hosting Services
- Website Development Services
- Web Based Solutions
- Domain Registration Services
- E-mail Hosting and Forwarding

Network Solutions
- Intranet Development and Deployment
- Customer Relationship Management Software
- Domain and E-mail Systems Deployment and maintenance

Hardware Solutions
- Network Design and Deployment
- Server Configuration
- Hardware and Software Maintenance

Software Solutions
- Database design and database interface development
- Software Development
- Third Party Software Deployment

Graphic Design Services
- Business Card and Logo design
- Brochure Design

Value Added Services
- E-marketing
- Search Engine Optimisation
- E-commerce consultancy

We can be found at:

3 Eridge Ave

Ph. +263 4 305425
Mb. +263 23 755054
Mb. +263 912 805809

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